Projects – International Management Competence

International Leadership Training: Energy and Environment

2008 – 2010

On behalf of InWENT, agency for international cooperation of the German government (now GIZ GmbH), *eidos consult cooperated with denkmodell, environmenatl concept and Wienecke, Hillebrecht and Partner in the organization, design and implementation of capacity building programs for three one-year courses with around 25 participants each. Apart from organizational issues a sophisticated input concerning energy and environmental topics was offered to the participants from the MENA-region, Latinamerica and China.

Management Training TU Darmstadt


Conceptual design and execution of a  management competency workshop with international experts in post graduate “Urban Studies”.

Initiator: TU Darmstadt

Intercultural Training


Execution of the attending programme (intercultural training) for participants of “Master of Public Management”

Initiator: GIZ GmbHUniversity Potsdam

Seminar Global Management Competence


Conceptual design and execution of a training for participants of ILT “Quality Management for experts from SADC-region” in management competence.

Partner in conceptual design: Joachim Borner

Initiator: GIZ GmbH



Project management, consulting and process attendance in the building of an African Alumni network with partner Sven Aden.

Initiator: GIZ GmbH

Institutional Networks


Training of participants of the MBA course „Sustainability Management“ to institutional networks and building of network contacts.

Initiator: GIZ GmbHUniversity Lüneburg



Interactive intermediate and final evaluation of training programmes for international experts

  • Quality management SADC-region
  • Personal development consulting MENA-region
  • Urban Management Studies, TU Berlin
  • Integrated management systems, Mexiko

Initiator: GIZ GmbH

Education management


Conceptual design and execution of courses in the programme education management for participants from South and Central America.

Cooperation with Sven Aden and Denkmodell

Initiator: GIZ GmbH

Network Building and Transfer Competence


Coordination, conceptual design and execution of trainings in network building and transfer competence in the framework of International Management Training.

Executing: Seven trainer out of the areas organizational development and quality management