Projects – Resource Efficiency

Communal Waste Management in Haina, Dominican Republic


Waste analysis at the river Haina and the neighbouring coastal areas is leading to a clean-up process and the development of a sustainable waste managemente concept for the area. *eidos consult cooperates with COR Ingeneria in this proyect. The long term strategy includes cooperations with the privat sector in order to install preventing environmental management systems.

Initiator: Viceministerio de Medio Ambiente, Gestión ambiental

Environmental Management in the International Tourism Ferry in Berlin

2009 – 2010

*eidos consult cooperates in the development of an environmental management in the international tourism ferry of Berlin. In order to build up a base for further planing steps and if initiated a certification of the environmental management system, in 2009 and 2010 the intital revision of the environmental status was carried out.

Initiator: International Tourism Ferry

Energy efficiency in German SME

2009 -2010

In cooperation with Wienecke, Hillebrecht and Partner *eidos consultcarried out an initial consultancy in three service oriented enterprises in the Berlin region. The proces led to decrease of energy consuption and hence cost reduction in each of the companies.

Environmental Management Rwanda


Need analysis and project finding mission in the environmental sector in Kigali, Rwanda under consideration of management tools such as EMAS easy® and PREMA®.

Initiator: GIZ GmbH in cooperation with denkmodell

EMAS easy® Dominican Republic


Training of environmental auditors in planning, documentation and auditing of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 using the EMAS easy®instruments in Dominican Republic.

Initiator: World Bank, Secretaria de Medio Ambiente, Comisión Nacional de Energía and managed by DECON, Germany
Cooperation with  EC Berlin and Sven-Christian Kirschstein, Caracas



Training of Trainers and employees of enterprises in application of „Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA)“ instruments: Good Housekeeping, Environmental Cost Management and Networking in the food and textile sector in Cairo, Egypt.




Training of workshop supervisors in application of measures of environment protection and increase of resource efficiency in facilities for handicapped people.

Initiatior: Katholische LandvolkHochschule Ösede

Communal Environmental Management Central America


On the ground and Online training and building of regional networks of communal representatives to Communal Environmental Management and Local Agenda 21 from Central America in cooperation with KATE.

PAM Brandenburg


Twofold execution of the programme „Profitable Agricultural Management“ with 18 agricultural companies in Land Brandenburg.

Initiator: Land Brandenburg

PAM ToT Thailand


Training of Trainers in the programme „Profitable Agricultural Management“ for experts from Thailand.

Initiator: GIZ GmbH

Consulting PAM


Consulting of two agricultural companies in Land Brandenburg and Land Sachsen in process optimisation and implementation of measures of Profitable Agricultural Management (PAM).

Initiator: Land BrandenburgLand Sachsen

PREMA® Venezuela


Training of Trainers of the programme „Sistemas de Perfeccionamiento Empresarial (SPJ)“ in the instruments Profitable Environmental Management and Coaching in implementation  of change processes in Venezuela.

Initiator: FUNDEI and SENCAMER, Venezuela, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany

OPTIMAX Braunschweig


Execution of a group consulting programme in environmental oriented leadership and building of a company network in cooperation with „Gesellschaft für Stoffstrom- und Abfallmanagement (GAM)“ in Braunschweig, Germany.

Initiator: Chamber of Handicraft Braunschweig

PREMA® Andean Countries


Training of Trainers in Profitable Environmental Management, Good Housekeeping and certifiable management systems (EMAS, ISO 14001) for environmental commissioners and experts from Andean countries.

Initiator: GIZ GmbH

PREMA® Latin America


Training of Trainers and leading personnel in application of PREMA® in Cuba, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and Brasil.

Initiator: GIZ GmbH with local cooperation partners